Community Newsletter, Issue #1

The Power of Love in My Life

Jennifer’s Welcome Message

How Spirit Really Plans Everything

How Spirit Really Plans Everything

Nicole Witt- Repost February 14th
On 2/13/18, as I was writing my gratitude list before bed, I found myself adding the name of a co-worker to that list (I’ll call him S). There was no real reason. However, I knew that I really had nothing but judgment for him at that time and I knew that we had started on the same day, 26 years earlier

Paintings by Stephanie Sachs

Paintings by Stephanie Sachs

It took 20 years of practicing my skills before I started to hear the voice of spirit in my studio.

Now I relish those times. When my intuitive mind takes over guiding my hand, whispering in my ear….more blue on the right…a gentle blend here…a bold

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