We tumbled like dominos from Wednesday to Saturday, the five of us, each day bringing another positive test for Covid-19 with my 93-year-old dad bringing up the rear on the following Tuesday. One of our family sayings sums it up: we were “in a pickle”.

We suffered various degrees of symptoms with mine appearing to be the most severe. As Mr. Rogers says, “When you are in troubled times, look for the helpers.” This help came in many ways and many forms.
Friends, family, and church members made sure we always had soup, juice, fruit, and other creature comforts. Many in our Masterful Living community reached out to pray for us and to check on us.

There were also helpers from the unseen realm. For three frightening and difficult nights, I was able to remember to call upon Jesus, my guardian angel, and Archangel Michael. Each of those nights, especially Jesus, was by the top left of my bed with a light-hearted and reassuring presence; my guardian angel sat vigil at the bottom left side while Archangel Michael stood at the end of my bed in a protective stance. I felt like they were standing guard over me and were standing between me and any deadly effects of the virus. This gave me tremendous peace, reassurance, and comfort.

During this same time, as my family became stronger, they attended to me with such kindness and tender care. In the days leading up to this experience, I had been writing forgiveness letters about them, and to see such light, love and helpfulness deepened my awareness of all the good in them and took away a ton of judgment of them.

When I woke on the fourth morning, Spirit impressed me to call my friend who was a pharmacist. With her guidance, I was able to get on the road out of the more serious symptoms of COVID with a little tough love and practical tips such as: get up, walk around, breathe deeply, drink tons of water, increase breathing treatments, and even added an over the counter product to help ease my discomfort-that was the day things turned around for me. It would still be another two and a half weeks before I felt the last of the virus leave my body, but that day moved me in the direction of healing.

Listening to recordings of Masterful Living classes, Sundays with Spirit, and Jennifer’s prayers and podcasts helped so much! I would listen to them during the day and even fall asleep a lot of nights listening to them or to recordings of Psalms. A strong shaft of sunshine moved across my living room floor each day and I would sit in that light and soak it in. To fill the recuperation time, I watched a lot of old movies and sitcoms, nothing dark or dramatic. My son kept the birdfeeders filled for me to watch as beautiful and colorful birds returned over and over for seed. The week before we became ill, someone had come and cleaned the house so the surroundings were clean and streamlined. I believe all these things were guided by Spirit.

I learned to be more gentle and kind with myself, that forgiveness work is a requirement, and that it is important to stay current in forgiving opinions and judgments you have of yourself and others.
Fear was part of my difficulty with the virus. The first time I went to the grocery store after recovering, I went with the confidence of someone who had the antibodies. I was still masked and kept my distance, but there was a lightness of heart, freedom I didn’t realize had been missing since last year when the pandemic began. From this, I learned that the weight of fear is realized when that fear leaves you.

I am so very grateful for all of the awareness gained! Covid-19 could have been just that, a virus. But when Spirit is free to guide, when we are willing to see through Spirit’s sight within us, so much good can come from something that appears to be so bad.


Susanne VanDyke
Masterful Living Year 2 participant

Issue #12

Welcome to The Power of Love in My Life, a community newsletter sharing uplifting poems, songs, artwork, testimonials and more, that demonstrates “Love is the Healer” and activator of miracles in our powerful, loving, transformative community. This is a love letter from our heart to yours. May our sharing inspire miracles of Love in your life too!



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