Welcome to Masterful Living 2021!

Since January, we’ve been busy with the activities that help us jump-start our year of Masterful Living. These include New Year Reboot (NYR), the Goal Setting Session (GSS), and the Activation Session (AS). They all work together to help create clarity and momentum for our success over this coming year. Each activity in and of itself does this but combined, we create the rocket fuel to energize and illuminate a new path forward.

In NYR, we were first introduced to the concept of Balancing our Spiritual Budget. Our intention is to reduce our spending and re-allocate our time, effort, and attention to our heart’s desires, and thereby generating more “income”. We do this by identifying the thoughts and beliefs that have created our current experience and with forgiveness, choose to release the anger, guilt, shame, regret, etc., which clutters our minds and drains our precious life energy. With our priorities in mind (“Big Rocks”), we set a new trajectory for our lives. The deep desires of our hearts– how we’d like to feel and be, establish our destination. When we have clarity about where we are going, we can truly allow the Universe to provide all that supports us on our journey. As we become receptive to asking for all the good available to us to manifest in our life’s experience, we invite more abundance and prosperity to fill our portion.

Next, the GSS, a 90-minute group session, and the subsequent homework sheet give us the chance to identify the challenge that, if shifted, would impact our lives in a major way. This becomes our focus for this year of Masterful Living. How important is setting a goal? A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Chapter 15, Section V, entitled Setting the Goal, says this: “The value of deciding in advance what you want to happen is simply that you will perceive the situation as a means to make it happen. You will therefore make every effort to overlook what interferes with the accomplishment of your objective, and concentrate on everything that helps you meet it.” By simply setting a clear goal, we naturally reset our awareness to the things that support us in realizing that goal. We then take it a step further in the GSS by exploring what life would be like if we redirected all the energy consumed by our challenge towards a life without this challenge.

Finally, the AS is a 60-minute specialized one-on-one counseling session that offers us the opportunity to envision and embody the life we love. This builds on the work of the GSS by asking us to truly show up and step into the vibration of our desired life. It takes deep courage to move beyond our stories and deeply entrenched ideas of what we think is possible for us, towards the vision of our miraculous life. This is where one of our trained spiritual counselors comes in. Having someone who absolutely believes in miracles for your life, that you CAN have the life you truly desire, creates the safe and sacred space where everything less than Love falls away. By joining with you in the name and nature of Love, he or she supports you spiritually and emotionally to declare and claim your heart’s desire. The power of naming our heart’s desires is that we bring ourselves into alignment with Spirit to “activate” everything that supports us in manifesting this vision of our lives. We shift from having pain push us into having vision pull us and best of all, we have our future selves literally cheering us on with words of encouragement and wisdom. When we utilize the energy of our AS to write our NYR end-of-the-year letter to Jennifer from the perspective of everything that has already been accomplished, we bring ourselves back full circle. Time and time again, people report to Jennifer that during their end-of-year check-ins they realize with deep amazement and abiding gratitude that they are living the highest vision of their lives.

So today, let’s celebrate our undeniable success in Masterful Living 2021! We can have confidence that we will identify and triumph over our limiting beliefs and realize they no longer have power over us (much like Harry Potter who vanquished the Dementors with his Patronus spell, because he already knew he had done it). This is the year, our lives become the very demonstration of how possibility grows into Conviction, and Conviction grows into Certainty. One day soon, we will awaken to the Truth that we are living the life we love.

Here’s a wonderful testimony from Deanna Desjardins, one of our own Spiritual Counselors:

“Nearly everything from my Activation Session last year is happening. I think the clearer you become about the deep desires of your heart AND your specific challenges, the more precision occurs in your Activation Session. I identified a major block last year: my fight or flight response that caused much discomfort when ‘appearing as myself’ in vulnerable form. I was so masterful at defending my heart and felt safe, yet unsatisfied when hidden. I also knew, with all my heart, that I was willing to open myself to receive love with an intimate partner. When I let go of my defended heart challenge I could visualize a love-filled life…I even saw my future partner. I allowed my life to unfold toward this vision with no attachments to a specific outcome. My ‘future self’ at one year forward gave great advice to my ‘present self’ on February 2, 2020: You’ll find you have to work at getting comfortable with intimacy, but it will be so worth it.” On February 22, 2021, I celebrated seven months with the best partner, Tom, that I could ever have imagined (in fact I DID imagine him in my activation session). And, yes. I did have to work past the edges of my discomfort to find a defenseless and open heart. And it is so worth it.”


Araba Afenyi-Annan
Certified Spiritual Counselor
Member of the Power of Love Staff

Issue #12

Welcome to The Power of Love in My Life, a community newsletter sharing uplifting poems, songs, artwork, testimonials and more, that demonstrates “Love is the Healer” and activator of miracles in our powerful, loving, transformative community. This is a love letter from our heart to yours. May our sharing inspire miracles of Love in your life too!



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