Dawn Harmon-O’Connor, a volunteer coordinator for the Power of Love Ministry, retired in 2018 from a research compliance position at the University of North Florida, Jacksonville. While employed with the university she earned a Master’s in Public Administration. Additionally, she won the Gabor/UNF Foundation Employee Excellence Award for dedication to her work, the university, and the community at large. 

She is very excited to join the Power of Love Ministry where she will contribute to the continued success of the ministry with creative and positive outcomes to opportunities through client-centric planning, management, and organizational skills. She looks forward to building relationships with more members of our community and working with those who will also contribute to the ministry’s success through volunteering their time and talent. 

When asked for what Dawn is grateful for, she remarked the two most important are learning Spirit loves her wholly and the relationship with her spouse moving into being a Holy relationship. In her personal life, she is a member of and volunteer for her local Center for Spiritual Living (CSL, Science of Mind philosophy) and president of her homeowners’ association. She enjoys learning how to deepen her connection with Spirit, renovating living spaces, attending live music events, and being active with her spouse, Debran, and 5-month-old puppy, Barley. 

Claire McGonigal:

I am grateful and excited to take on this new role as “Facilitator Trainer and Mentor” in the Power of Love Ministry. 

Our facilitators bring so much benefit to the groups they lead and to the PoL Ministry community. I’m looking forward to working with Jennifer and the Community Support team to expand the training and support we offer to facilitators. Our initial ideas include a facilitator web page, a regular support group, and training sessions throughout the year where they can hone their skills and share experiences. We’ll also be asking for feedback and suggestions from both facilitators and participants that we can feed into a quality improvement program. 

This role is my answered prayer! The offer from the Ministry arrived a few weeks after I’d taken part in the “Stop Playing Small” retreat, where one of my intentions was to find out how I could use my unique skills and talents to be truly helpful. Ta-dah! As a Facilitator Trainer and Mentor, I get to do what I enjoy, with a group of wonderful people, in a part-time schedule that fits into my other daily responsibilities. Thank you, Spirit! <3  

I’m in my fourth year of Masterful Living and I started facilitating Mastery Circles and Community Calls when I was in Year 2. I felt very inspired by those who I saw facilitating and I felt grateful to “give back”. I find the role incredibly rewarding and love seeing the difference that Masterful Living makes in people’s lives throughout the year. I’ve also experienced the occasional challenges of being a facilitator, and without exception, the challenges have led to deep personal growth for me. What a blessing!

I have two daughters who are my greatest teachers. I live in Zurich, Switzerland, in the heart of Europe, and work part-time in corporate communications at a bank. I love to walk in the mountains when the weather is good and I am a big podcast addict – including, of course, Jennifer’s weekly “A Course in Miracles” podcast.

Araba Afenyi-Annan

“And this is a course in miracles…”

Every time I read these opening words, I hear a deep, steady voice saying them and have a visceral reaction in my solar plexus (3rd Chakra). This book, A Course in Miracles, brought Jennifer Hadley and the Power of Love Ministry into my life. And through this Ministry, I have realized these words are an invitation, a way of seeing my own life.

Me dazed and amazed after speaking with Angela

Three years ago, I had my first experience of letting my small “self” step aside and allowing Spirit to come through me. During a conversation to explore whether Finding Freedom from Fear was right for me (with Angela Potts-Mang’andah), I spoke of things I didn’t even know I wanted! That conversation tapped into some very deep desires of my heart. By honoring those deep desires, I have been led on the most amazing life adventure, full of miracles and blessings that have exceeded anything I could have ever imagined. I am now a spiritual counselor, a facilitator for Forgiveness Fridays, Freedom Posses, and a Mastery Circle, and active in the Prayer Ministry. I have completed Finding Freedom twice as well as Masterful Living Years 1 and 2. And today I have the honor and pleasure of announcing my new role as a member of the POLM staff, Champion for the Spiritual Counseling Certification Program (SCCP).

In this role, I help support the entire Power of Love Customer Care team. I coordinate Freedom Posses, serve as a Champion for Mastery Circles and Freedom Posses, and assist the awesome administrative team to provide excellent service to all. My primary focus though is serving the spiritual counselors. As SCCP Champion, I get to do two of my favorite things—cheerleading and leadership development. I see our counselor community as a space where we all discover how to strengthen and shine our Light to serve others and lead within the Ministry, our communities, and beyond. All current counselors and future counselors, please reach out to me at my new Ministry email address: sccp@nulljenniferhadley.com, and I will gladly answer your questions and assist you in navigating the program.

Me with my greatest teachers of unconditional love

I live in Durham, NC with the Loves of my Life, my 14-year-old daughter, Ama, and my 12-year-old son, Kwame. These two beautiful souls have been my saviors, my own personal gifts from God; I feel overjoyed and blessed to be their mother! I am so grateful and thankful to have embraced my own life as “a course in miracles”. You can read more about me at https://jenniferhadley.com/spiritual-counselors

In closing, I’d like to express my deep and profound gratitude for all the miracles I’ve witnessed and experienced in the last three years. I am so grateful and thankful to align my life energy with this Ministry and everyone it serves. I am so grateful and thankful for Jennifer Hadley, her vision, her teachings, and her model of leadership. I am so grateful and thankful for my many prayer partners, fellow counselors, and mentors, and so many of you who have been there to support me when I was ready to give up. I am so grateful and thankful that I have the opportunity to be Truly Helpful and dedicate my life to Love.

Me with my first Finding Freedom facilitator, mentor and personal champion, and Beloved sister



Issue #10

Welcome to The Power of Love in My Life, a community newsletter sharing uplifting poems, songs, artwork, testimonials and more, that demonstrate ‘Love is the Healer’ and activator of miracles in our powerful, loving, transformative community. This is a love letter from our heart to yours. May our sharing inspire miracles of Love in your life too!



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