We recently invited all Masterful Living and Finding Freedom alumni to join our POL Alumni WhatsApp group where we post our daily Prayer Ministry Zoom meetings that occur every day, every 3 hours, all day long. 

Prayer times last between 10-15 minutes and are hosted by our amazing team of prayer volunteers. 

If you are an MLC or FF alum and didn’t see the email we sent out on August 28th,2020, please write to us at: admin@nulljenniferhadley.com and we’ll resend you the invitation!

Here’s what people are saying about the Power of the Prayer Room:


Sarah Lehman

I love to start my day with a prayer in the prayer room, it helps me to find my inner peace and to go in my day with this loving energy. And sometimes when I can make this little break, I join in the flow of my day too, it’s so helpful in coming back to my loving heart ️.

-Sarah Lehman, Germany




The prayer room is a place to remember the Truth with my mighty companions on our journey home. It is a place of compassionate listening,

Jane Knowlman

rest,understanding, insight, authentic sharing and joy. Bless the prayer ministry and all its participants.

Thank you 

-Jane Knowlman, United Kingdom



Deana Desjardins

The Prayer Room has become an integral part of my home. I can ‘step in’ for support, guidance, friendship and then ‘step out’ to go on with my day with my heart uplifted.

-Deana Desjardins, Virginia, USA




Susanne VanDyke

First, as one of the prayer facilitators, the prayer requests I hear usually resonate with what I’m experiencing. It is yet another way to feel the unity of our community. The second thing that is meaningful is the regular scheduling every 3 hours. Even when I can’t be there, I know there are prayers being said for all and that is comforting and strengthening to my faith.

-Susanne VanDyke, Mississippi, USA




A sacred space to join together to express our love and gratitude. Being a part of all our prayer requests and praying as a community has been a healing and uplifting experience. It’s a feeling of true Oneness and as the saying goes a family that prays together (stays) journeys together. I love it and I join as often as I am able to.

-Philomena Rego, USA


Joanne Stecklebruck

The Prayer Room has loving, kind, non-judgmental people, from different parts of the world, offering prayerful support at all times of the day or night. I am humbled to say, I have experienced powerful miracles and immense peace on the occasions I have requested prayer. 

-Joanne Stecklebruck, Australia



Carla Mahle

I find it extremely valuable to notice what I am focusing on by listening to myself. I so enjoy connecting with other like-minded Spirits, connecting with my Inner Wisdom at intervals throughout the day and creating through speaking my intention. It is extremely helpful to focus on What the HHSS Desires as opposed to what ‘I’ want, which is ego, and to do it joined as the 2 or more that are gathered.

-Carla Mahle, USA




A big thank you Jennifer for her vision for 24/7 prayer support and to the prayer volunteers who are carrying out this vision and making a huge difference in so many people’s lives!

Our cup runneth over with blessings!




Angela Potts-Mang’andah is a participant in the Masterful Living Ascension Pathway class, POL Certified Spiritual Counselor and member of the POL Community Support team. Angela resides in Wakefield, Rhode Island.

Issue #9

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