In one of the recent Forgiveness Friday sessions, we had a particularly deep conversation about worthiness. It came to my mind for me to send a song called “You Are Precious” to a fellow wayfarer on the call. Everyone else on the call asked me to send it to them, too — it seemed to be a message we all needed as everyone’s “stuff” was coming up with the strange circumstances of the pandemic.

My husband and I had written the song together. The first part of the melody just “popped” into my head one day when walking out the door to meet my son off the school bus. Later that day, my husband was noodling on the piano, and I could hear the melody with words forming over the haunting chords he was improvising. I stood by him at the piano and it started to come together. Becoming a songwriter is one of the many completely unexpected gifts I have received as a result of my willingness to heal my mind. The icing on the cake: I write most of the songs with my husband — my biggest teacher on this journey. It sort of summarizes the ebb and flow of resistance and willingness in my experience: 1) fear that God’s plan will be awful, 2) surrender to God’s plan eventually, and 3) God’s plan being revealed to be more amazing, surprising, and joyful than anything I could have concocted on my own.

In recording the vocals, I was turned toward my mic and facing a framed image of a violin on it on the wall. I hadn’t noticed before that I could see my reflection in the glass. As I recorded the song, I sang the words to myself. It was powerful and moving, and I felt tears in my eyes as I felt the unconditional acceptance of my creator. I hope you also receive this message as you listen.

The photo is from a time my husband, son, and I went to a 3D movie. I love genuine smiles on all our faces. It reminds me of the joy and lightheartedness possible for us and our relationships when we see ourselves and our loved ones the way our creator sees us: precious.


Maggie Bryne is a member of the Masterful Living Ascension Pathway class and resides in Decatur, Georgia.


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