Just days after Governor Newsom, the governor of California, announced his “stay at home” order in March, I visited two large grocery stores looking for a few items. There was no toilet paper in either store. Zilch. I was surprised but not concerned. Then I tried shopping online as I’ve done for the most part over the last two years as I have a chronic illness. The stores I checked had almost everything I needed except toilet paper and paper towels. With the coronavirus pandemic, some people had been hoarding supplies and food.

Luckily, I paused and gave the apparent lack of t.p. to the Holy Spirit. I remembered my teacher Jennnifer Hadley and ACIM saying there is no lack in God. I asked Spirit to bring me the t.p. Also, my prayer partner Lana said she’d ask some “unknown angels” to help me find some. Coincidentally, I remembered Jennifer suggesting to our class that we become more receptive. Not being very receptive is an issue I’m transforming. I decided if someone offered to help me with an errand, I would let them.

When I gave a former neighbor friend my old juicer, she offered to go to the store for me. On a Saturday morning, Allison showed up on my front porch—6 to 8 feet away from me—with a package of tp and a beautiful purple orchid (just like Jennifer has around her)! It felt like a wink from Spirit. Then, my realtor, Rick called and asked if he could help me. Again, I hesitantly agreed, and shortly after, he arrived with paper towels, Kleenex, and a small package of t.p. I was so thankful to him for doing this errand for me. He said he didn’t mind.

My parents are now elderly so I have been doing most of their grocery shopping as well as mine online. They too were low on that humble but valuable commodity—t.p. I tried to get it from Target and other stores, but their websites showed they were sold out. Check this out. The friendly Instacart shopper texted me from the grocery store and said, “There’s a big package of toilet paper. Do you want it?” Yessss! I just laughed. I had not asked her to look for it. My parents were pleased.

Rather than freak out at the apparent scarcity of paper goods in So. Calif., this time I used spiritual practice and changed my mind about the situation. I could see, in this instance, that if you “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, all else will be added unto you”—even t.p, paper towels, and Kleenex. I’m very grateful for everything I’m learning in Masterful Living as well as for my teachers, prayer partners, other kind people, and the angels.


Lisa Johnson is a member of the Masterful Living Ascension Pathway class and resides in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

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