Please join us in the Medical Medium for Nutrition Support Group if you have an interest in healing or preventing chronic illness, detoxifying your body, or better protecting yourself against viruses. The Medical Medium Series has helped millions of people to heal who had lost hope in conventional and alternative medicine. These books are spiritual books and the content is pure, advanced medical information, and free of any influence from special interest groups. Anthony William is a loving and compassionate human being who has dedicated his life to bringing us this health-supporting information.

One of the key points he makes in his Liver Rescue book is that if we really knew how important our livers were and all of the functions that it actually performs to keep us healthy that there would be classes taught in high school on how to better take care of this vital organ. Science and research just don’t have all of the answers. Our current system wants to keep us sick and disempowered by thinking that it is our fault; the body is attacking itself; our genes are faulty or it’s our hormones. It tells us to be afraid to eat fruit when the fruit is so essential for healing.

Although this is life-saving information, putting these protocols into practice can be overwhelming, challenging, and confusing. The detox symptoms may be concerning and what to do when the rest of your family is not interested in these changes. And, each of us may be ready at different times and at different levels. It’s truly about honoring and trusting yourself and putting Holy Spirit in charge of your healing journey.

Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash

Often food and beverages can be a trigger for us and used as a coping mechanism to deal with emotional distress. This is where our work with forgiveness and releasing attachment becomes essential to our healing.

We are learning through Masterful Living to love ourselves free, to be gentle and kind with everything we do and say to ourselves. And, when we do fall short, we know the very best thing we can do is to be compassionate with ourselves, to forgive ourselves, and to be without judgment. We celebrate our successes along the way no matter how small. So just like our spiritual journey, this journey to heal our bodies will call for us to do the same.

It is our intention with this group to be a place, much like with our prayer partner relationships, where we can openly share our challenges, our insights, and our breakthroughs. Viruses feed off fear and the energy of chaos so let’s join together to heal fear and experience more peace and wellness. We meet on the last Sunday of each month at 1 PM EST. Our next group meeting will be on June 28th.  To register for this group to receive the reminder emails and groups updates, CLICK HERE

Lana Cagle is a member of the Masterful Living Ascension Pathway class and resides in Diamond Head, Mississippi.
Inger Hansen is a member of Masterful Living Year 3 and resides in Skanderborg, Denmark

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