So I have learned this…

My healing comes from my life experiences. As Jennifer has shared, the healing is encoded in each experience. If it is upset, the more the upset, the deeper the healing. And I had many upsets so I had many healings. The key, I have found, is to be grateful for whatever is arising for healing.

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

I QUIT JUDGING THE JUDGEMENTS arising for healing. I became Grateful! Through going to Gratitude, frequently, I learned to Love My Self! And eventually became able to FREE myself from the judgments. Mostly.

I am Still Learning. And I practice by using each experience, in my life. So use your life. It was perfectly created, your body and personality self was perfectly created for your Awakening. Awaken. You do that by aligning with Love.

And if you cannot reach Love yet, Gratitude is the doorway. And if even that seems a ‘reach’, start with Willingness. And remember this: YOU CANNOT FAIL! Only the ego would say you can. I do not want to end this sharing with ‘ego’ in the last line. Join me! Join with me. Say YES! My intent: To share.



I AM enough
I receive enough
I offer enough
I AM connected to Self.. enough
I love enough
I pray enough
I am grateful enough
I Bless enough
I learn enough
And I learn fast..enough
I welcome new experiences enough
I trust myself… And Life..enough
spiritual I express well enough
I forgive myself enough
I know..I AM Love enough
YOU are enough
And I Know
WE have always been…

Carla Mahle is a member of the Masterful Living, Ascension Pathway class, and also a counselor in training and resides in Portland, Oregon.

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