Together we pray,
Our hospitals have enough beds, ICU’s, and ventilators;
enough gowns, masks and gloves to care for the caregivers and for the sick;
That we have an abundance of health to care for those who need our attention…

That our faith and trust is strong and unfailing;
that we have the courage to give to the frightened;
compassion to give to the hurting;
the desire and willingness to be a healing presence to give to the world…

Together our prayer creates a powerfully impregnable wall of protection
that transmutes fear into sweet grace…
If corona is a tool of our consciousness for our awakening we accept all we are given.

We ask our Highest Light for mercy in order to share with all others;
and in the giving, we have indeed become wise…

~ PLRoss


Peter Ross is an alumni member of Masterful Living who resides in Brooklyn, New York. 

Issue #6

Welcome to The Power of Love in My Life, a community newsletter sharing uplifting poems, songs, artwork, testimonials and more, that demonstrate ‘Love is the Healer’ and activator of miracles in our powerful, loving, transformative community. This is a love letter from our heart to yours. May our sharing inspire miracles of Love in your life too!



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