The consequences of our mind projections can be experienced in a very short space of time. A thought and the experience from that thought can be clearly seen when the light bulb of awareness is switched on.

Let me describe the boomerang effect by first setting up the frame of the picture.

Time window: Friday 3rd April 2020 through to the 7th April 2020.


  • A Carer’s (care giver’s) interaction with a client in his own home;
  • A Carer following corona safety protocol;

On Friday evening I went into a client’s home, kitted up with gloves, and a face mask. I made a deliberate attempt to maintain my distance as I interacted with the client. The main thought running through my head was “keep your distance,” similar to London’s tube trains: “mind the gap.” Something felt off whack though. There was an awareness, “This feels out of alignment; I am not playing true.” As I walked out of this man’s house I got a sense of guilt, a feeling of betrayal, because I had created an experience based on fear. I had allowed myself to entertain a thought that was centered in fear. My intuition was telling me I had let another human being down. Shame arose.

Monday morning rolled around, and a different experience unfolded via another client. Another client was sleeping, and this other client had a morning porridge fix. Just one problem, there was no milk in the house. Out the door, I went and started walking down the road to a local shop. As I walked, I noticed something very weird, a feeling I was offending other individuals walking towards me as I moved towards them.

Something was being made very obvious to me, but my awareness light bulb was not turned on yet. One young girl really got my attention. She was keeping her distance, and it was so obvious, violently swerving off the path into the driveway of a house. My first thought was “what is wrong with me?” Another thought entered shortly afterward, “this is her fear projection”. I know from previous experiences that when things appear very striking that I am responsible in some way. At the time I wasn’t in knowing, I was in the unknowing.

On Tuesday morning the awareness light bulb switched on, and clarity and understanding entered my mind. It was not the young girl’s projection of fear onto me, it was my fear boomerang, coming back, to whack me on the back of my head. My “keep your distance” with the client on Friday night was coming back to remind me of something really important.

Lesson learned: Be careful what you think about, because what you think about thinks into an experience that will remind you what you first thought.

Phil Salt is a member of Masterful Living Year 3 who resides in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Issue #6

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