Background Story for the Poem “The Grace of You.”

I rarely write poems for or to people. The writings are for my healing, from my Higher Self, my Higher Holy Spirit Self. I mostly share when prompted by Spirit. They are not ‘for’ anyone else as it is my healing, shared and We Are One. They are not Mine.

There may be a ‘reason’ for each poem but often I do not ‘know’, right away. Sometimes the learning can take some time. Sometimes years, and many realizations happen. Sometimes, when I am prompted to read to others, I get a deeper realization, a deeper healing. This poem feels the same and different. And it has a ‘story’ attached.

When my dear friend Angela was to have her baby shower last year I thought, because she lives in Rhode Island and I, Oregon, I could not attend. That morning, to my surprise, Maggie Byrne texted me to ask me to read the words to a song she had written and informed me it was online, which meant I could attend. But I was not prepared. I had nothing to give but my presence. The zoom shower was in 4 hours. I went within myself to discover if just my Presence was enough. That ‘I’ was enough.

I felt within.
I was.

Then, I felt this Deep Desire to…to give…Something. To share from my heart. And immediately after that, this poem came to me.

My gift. My love wrote the poem.

It came out in as fast as I could text. I texted it to myself, which I do often and shared it at the shower. I had never met Angela’s baby but I adored her.

Read. Listen. Hear.




Justine, lovely one
I see… And feel…
A shower of Blessings raining down upon you
All around you
Not just now
But Always

The beauty of your smile
Shows me my own
And…I feel sooooo Blessed
The beauty of your cries
Shows me my own
And… I feel so Blessed
The Sun…
The Light is shining down on you
And through you
And… I feel so Blessed.

Blessed by your Presence
By your choice
To embody now
To shower us with the Blessing of You
And I feel so Blessed
And I share,
All the Blessings
I feel…And know.. YOU ARE
Back to you!
You touch
With Your Presence
Like Me

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