Losses can be experienced in many forms, among them are loss of a job, loss of health, loss of security, death of a loved one, and ultimately the fear of facing our own mortality.

Our intention for this group is to offer a safe and sacred space for those seeking support and compassion for losses in their life, which we recognize as grief. All are welcomed and invited to be authentic, transparent, and vulnerable about their journey with grief. The facilitators are here to hold space with open hearts so that each person can feel their grief without judgement and when ready, be supported to transform their grief.

The Grief Support Group held its first meeting on December 2, 2019. We meet the first Monday of every month (see meeting details below). Although the discussions tend to be organic and flow from the stories of our grief, we also explore some pertinent topics such as defining grief, ACIM references on death, and tools to help you heal and clear grief. Each of the four facilitators has a unique experience with grief, and all are committed to supporting others in their individual grief journeys while they continue to allow themselves to be healed.

Meet the Facilitators:

Carine Dorce:

In 2013, Carine’s 35-year-old firstborn died of a drug overdose. “I know the pain of losing Steven was my motivation for change. And, I also realize now that it’s up to me to continue my journey, not just for him but for myself and for others as he would encourage me to do!

Connie Batsell:

In November of 2018, Connie’s family experienced a tragic loss when her oldest son was suddenly and tragically killed. His death shattered her heart and brought her to her knees. Connie does not deny her own feelings of grief. She allows the emotional waves to flow through her without judgment.

Deb Klueter:

“The loss of my mother, even though I very consciously assisted her at the end of life and through her transition, was a tipping point. I was spent. Through my professional and personal healing journey experiences, I am honored to offer sacred space to help others navigate transitions that include challenging times of loss, emotional upheaval, and grief.”

Deana Desjardins:

“On November 9, 2018, my life began changing. The facts are that I fell in love with a man who was dying of pancreatic cancer. Somehow, by this proximity of love to death, a friction was created in me as these opposing forces flowed together in those final months. I now wish to ‘accept no compromise in which death plays a role,’ and to share the benefits with everyone.”

There’s no registration required. Bring your challenges, insights, victories, questions, concerns, fears and insights around Grief to this meeting.

If you have any questions and suggestions, please email at admin@nulljenniferhadley.com.

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