The Power of Love Ministry is offering a nurturing, powerful, transformative online retreat April 17th-19th for all those who seek support in recovering from sexual abuse. The retreat will be led by Jennifer and four powerful Ministry members who attended Jennifer’s live Recovery from Sexual Abuse retreat last year and are willing and interested to share the benefits of their healing.

Jennifer Hadley and four Power of Love trained facilitators. From left to right: Paula Martin, Elizabeth Welch, Kelly Hess, and Suzanne Sokolow.

Here are excerpts taken from their powerful testimonials, full testimonials and event information found HERE.

I have started to experience self-love and self -compassion. I am slowing down from the hectic pace I had been moving at forever and I am now enjoying my life. Most remarkably I am feeling the love from others that I had been blocking. I am feeling more like my true self and more easily able to return to peace and trust. What happened to me was truly miraculous. If you want your healing, it is possible.
~ Suzi Sokolow


I am now experiencing more grace and ease staying in alignment with my values. I am experiencing a higher level of intimacy in relationship with my beloved partner of ten years. My “triggers” have softened and are less frequent. I have more spaciousness to “just be” and am more comfortable in the “Now”. Most beautiful is my deeper, richer connection to Spirit.
~ Kelly Hess


I had such a FANTASTIC experience with Jennifer & the other participants at the Healing Sexual Abuse Retreat. Previously, I’d in my life already done MUCH healing work with psychologists, psychiatrists, as well as group work on my childhood sexual abuse issues. The Retreat opened up even more personal growth and healing for me – it catapulted me a giant leap forward!!
~ Elizabeth Welch


When I went to Jennifer Hadley’s Workshop for the Healing of Sexual Abuse, I was bristling with mistrust, anger, the judgment of others and judgment of self. And that’s after years of having worked on healing through a large variety of processes. Within the first few minutes of the workshop, the healing began. By the end of the workshop, I had realizations and experiences that allowed me to release beliefs which sourced mistrust and anger — and to know without a doubt that I had released judgments of self and others on levels I never previously understood.
~ Paula Martin

If you or someone you know could benefit from this healing opportunity, please guide them to our retreat information webpage:

If you are interested in scheduling an exploratory call to see if this opportunity would serve you, please click here.

Love, light, and healing!

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