Blessings to All,

We are so grateful to be offering a monthly Parenting Support Group open to all Power of Love Community members who feel called to be a loving presence for the children of this world.

Elena Stark Support Group Co-Facilitator

The group is facilitated by Elena Stark and myself, Liz Raci.  Our goal is to provide Spiritual Tools that will support loving forgiveness, open-hearted parenting, and a space for family growth.  We offer ways to meditate and vision with your children regardless of age and provide a space to release false beliefs and affirm the truth about the children in your lives.

I feel the greatest part of this group is the opportunity for parents and family members to share with one another. In our most recent meeting, a parent shared their challenge of dealing with a defiant teenager. Regardless of how the Parent tried to be supportive, the teen would say no, remain distant and act belligerent. What came through from our dialogue was the importance of acknowledging the teen was being defiant because they felt powerless. The suggestion was raised to say to the Teen, “ Help me. I want to understand you. I want to know the pain you are experiencing. Help me know how to help you.” This expression of compassion has the power to alleviate the struggle.

If you have children regardless of age or are parenting in any way, through adoption, foster, or grandparenting, we hope you will join us for our next circle of love for the upliftment of Family! Peace and richest blessings to all.

Reach out to with questions/inquiries.

Issue #2

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