Hello fellow Masterful Living pathfinders! I wrote this song — Prepare a Path — putting to music and reflecting on Isaiah 40:3-5 (New English Bible), as well a reference to John 1:5 (New Revised Standard Version).

When I wrote this song 3 and half years ago my husband Eric was out of town for 3 weeks and I was going to be solo parenting with my then 4-year-old son Henry. I remember feeling doomed for exhaustion and resentment, a thick pattern at the time. But as I sat down in our living room early in my husband’s absence, I set the intention to have a healing while he was out of town. Allowing this song to come through me was a major part of that healing.

To me this song is also fitting for early in the year and the first edition of this newsletter, for we focus so much on intention setting in this community. To me this passage is about just that — preparing a path, holding a vision — despite the wilderness, despite the desert, despite things being topsy turvy as they so often are during the initial stages of transformation. The message of this scripture to me is that as we hold and live our intentions, we join together, ultimately restoring unity and sight as “all of us together shall see it.”

Those who have been in class with me know my relationship with Eric has undergone tremendous healing during my time in Masterful Living. I love that the seeds for this song involved my turning over an old pattern with him — and that this recording (from December 2018) has him joining me in the performance on drums, his first time performing in decades. My neighbor Andy Yates is on guitar and harmony vocals.

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