Nicole Witt- Repost February 14th

On 2/13/18, as I was writing my gratitude list before bed, I found myself adding the name of a co-worker to that list (I’ll call him S). There was no real reason. However, I knew that I really had nothing but judgment for him at that time and I knew that we had started on the same day, 26 years earlier, and that there must be something there for me to explore.

The next day was Valentine’s Day. I was in my office, wanting to give a surprise to my fellow co-workers. I searched all the food delivery apps hoping to find some fun Valentine’s Day treats to have delivered. To my amazement, I really couldn’t find any so I figured it wasn’t meant to be.

About 15 minutes later, S walked into the office with a box of Valentine’s Day donuts – now this is a guy who in the 26 years had never, ever brought any treats to share with the office. I was flabbergasted and knew Spirit had a hand in this.

A few weeks later, S had a freak accident and broke both his arms. Since I lived the closest to him, I offered to drive him to and from work since he couldn’t drive with 2 casts. We spent the next 2 – 3 months (I don’t really remember now) talking about music (he is a guitar player) and Spirituality (he was in a fundamentalist church and was very unhappy – he has since left that church).

We now go to lunch at least once a month and just the other day I was able to really talk about how God loves us all – we are not going to hell – and that we all have the same access to God since we are all One. I feel that we have been so helpful to each other. He has helped me be able to talk about ACIM outside of my “safe” places – to be able to express how I am coming to understand the world. And I think he is now starting to see the world differently than the hell and brimstone he was raised on.

Remembering this whole story today, really did remind me how Spirit really plans everything for our growth and Love.

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